Is there a side by side case study video?

Hi Sam / team. Do you have a video or some info you could share that would give me the side by side benefits / cons of switching to Skool from Facebook + Kartra course memberships. I know that engagement is an issue with Facebook groups (massive issue) but as I have four courses and a $3M/year coaching biz I'm a little nervous to mess it all up, any info would be helpful, thanks man.



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@Paul Murphy I'd recommend trying Skool yourself and seeing how it goes! Skool offers a 14-day free trial. If it fits your use case, great, but it's really up to you to decide 🙌

Also, I'd start here: #How Skool works 😀


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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe thanks, I've seen that, I'll be sure to watch it again. It's more of a time / work thing as I would need to go all in to see how it really works which is why I was looking more for some up front side by side comparisons to make more of an informed decision. If anyone who reads this has anything to share about the upsides of switching I'd be grateful. Thanks again.


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@Paul Murphy Maybe it's worth considering just moving customers from one product here to Skool first and see if it makes it easier for your students and team to work together. ☀️


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