Introducing "Gamification" — Points, levels, leaderboards, and gems

Hey team! We just added some new gamification features. The idea is to surface and reward the people who add the most value by helping others. Here's how it works:

• Points — whenever somebody likes your post/comment, you get 1-point.

• Levels — your level will show as a blue dot with a number in it on your avatar and profile. As you get more points, you start to level up.

• Leaderboards — the members who gained the most points in the last 7-days, 30-days, and all-time will show on the leaderboards tab here.

• Gems — group admins can award "gems" to posts/comments that are of exceptional quality. Awarding a gem makes the post/comment stand out so others are more likely to see it and users can use the "Gems" filter to find admin curated highlights from the community.

• Prizes — with these new features you can offer prizes to members that appear in the top 10 to reward top contributors and incentivize the right behavior. This isn't a "feature", but something we've noticed works well in other communities. We recommend offering prizes in your community!

Let the games begin!


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