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I signed up 10 paying members via email this week, here's how I did it.
I have the email swipes below..and full outline is in the video but in short:
I packaged up my skool community as a "June Accelerator" and made 10 sales. Before this I was signing up 1-2 people per week.
  1. Posting 3 short-forms per day on Insta/YT/TikTok/FB at 9.30am, 5.30pm, 11.30pm (IST) targeting most morning time zones, scheduled using Metricool.
  2. Every reel has same format (3 songs, with CTA put between song 2 & 3) using ManyChat thanks to 's post, this has been working really well, my Insta has gone from 400ish followers in Jan to 9.5k as of today). This reel got over 469k views.
  3. Same lead magnet is each, a "101 songs list", very broad for guitarists
  4. New email leads are put into my 5 email welcome series
  5. On day 6, they receive a "somethings coming" email, teasing a launch of my "June Accelerator" with the opportunity to join my waitlist. [7 out of 10 buyers joined this waitlist before buying]
  6. On day 7, they get a "for the first five only..." email, where I had a special offer of a 1-1 30 min call with me if they signed up that day
  7. The main email launch sequence starts..
Day #1: Fast-Action Bonus email (free 30 min call for first 5 signups)
Day #2: "top 9 questions" email
Day #3: student story / testimonial email
Day #4: meet student...(another student story)
Day #5 (am): "this is what holds people back" email
Day #5 (pm): "tomorrow is last day" (countdown timer in email with more urgency)
Day #6: (morn) "last day"
Day #6: (afternoon) "I recorded this video for you" - personal message with CTA
Day #6: (evening) "last chance" email, final pitch
2 days after: a "what it something I said?" non-buyer survey goes out
Personal takeaways:
  1. Should have been a 5 day email sequence, accidentally had 2 student testimonial emails ๐Ÿ˜†
  2. 7 out of 10 buyers joined the waitlist in one of the 2 pre-launch emails
  3. I redirected the waitlist "thank you" page directly to my skool about page and got 2 purchases straight away from that
  4. The non-buyer survey in exchange for a "guitar gift" works well..I've gotten 7 responses so far in the past hour since sending out, and the guitar gift is something from inside my membership so they get a taste of it. I also direct them to some of my long-form content to handle any objections they addressed in the survey
  5. Wrapping my membership as an "accelerator" bundle seemed to work well
Anyways, hope this helps if you have a small community like I do and am trying to get a few more inside your membership each week. Any questions, ask away, happy to answer!
Currently going through buyer info now to update and optimise before running this to another 1000 emails, will post an update with results later this month again.
Dave Donoghue
I signed up 10 paying members via email this week, here's how I did it.
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