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How to get 4 membrship questions instead of just 3. #skoolhack

Because 3 questions isn't enough, I'm now asking 4.

Here are my 4:

  1. What's your email?
  2. What's your monthly income goal (eg. 5k/month)
  3. What's your Instagram (eg. @fruitarian)?
  4. What's your phone #?

If you'd like to see how I did this, send me a DM with the word: "QUESTIONS".

Just kidding - check the photo below :)

I ask for the email so I can automate my email sequence on Active Campaign with them.

I ask for their income goal so I know their target for conversation sake.

I ask for IG so my team can DM them.

I ask for their phone # so my team can text/call them.

Genius - I'm goona do this 💯


Interesting... I may do this.

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