How do i assign people to particular classrooms/ courses?

I see the option to not make a course visible to all members but how or where do i specify the actual people allowed into a course? Thanks in advance



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@Paul Gerard Community > Members > {Three dots in front of a member} > Manage Access 😀


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i cant seem to find that as my two members are admins?so if i add a person to my group using a link am i correct to think they will not see any classrooms until i toggle them following the steps you outlined above? sorry for all the q's


@Paul Gerard Admins have access to everything, as they should.

Correct, if you add a member, they won't have access until you manage their access. Feel free to try it by creating another account for yourself. You can always remove that account later 😀


• 21d

@Sid Sahasrabuddhe ok thats brilliant i got it to work, could i ask one more thing ? it mentions that after 30 subscribers then we can rename the url to our group, if so does this allow us point the group to our full url of the company or does it format www.skool/ourcompanyname


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