Goodbye FB, Hello Skool

Everyone I recently ditched/closed on our Facebook group and moved over to the new platform here on Skool.

We had about 230 members in our Facebook group and now we are down to 137, I lost some people in the transition for whatever reason….

I’m having a very hard time having people post, answer other members questions, comment etc. A lot more lower activity than our Facebook group. Probably because everybody’s used to Facebook, it had an app, people done like change, etc.

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@Manjit Rukhra how much are you currently charging for your membership?


I noticed a huge difference in engagement between $100 members and $1000+


@Kiryl Melnichenka what difference did you see between the size of your group from a smaller one to a bigger one? My current offer is $9800


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@Manjit Rukhra You'd want to create a noise-free engagement and not like Facebook. Here's a thread where I share how to do that. Give it a read!


@Sid Sahasrabuddhe thank you. Iv read this post before. Good one. I’ve implemented some of the things on her. My challenge is having people actually use the platform because most are not using the mobile version as much Either. That’s why members are not contributing and helping answer other members questions or make comments which is the challenge I’m trying to overcome. I am now having to answer more questions because there’s less activity in the new platform.

Anything you can suggest to increase the usage on the new platform where people are using it just like they did Facebook?


@Manjit Rukhra What's your group engagement percentage? It should be under the Group Settings > Metrics.

Also, do you have a course in the Classroom?


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