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I love that Skool is gamified because it gives it a fun edge to engage people in a playful way instead of feeling uptight and serious which could stress people out by keeping them too “in their head”. The gamified point system is very interesting to explore in many ways and in different areas of life. For example, I homeschool/UNSCHOOL my seven year old son and we gamified overcoming fear and our confort zone. It’s super effective and has great results. I gamify my life. I SEE life as a game and... See more



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I absolutely agree especially on “I SEE life as a game” as this reduces a lot of stress from your head and you can see objective to obtain just like in a videogame so all you think about is improving your character to reach those objectives every time instead of “oh I can’t get that, I’m not born rich”.


Exactly!! And its fun!!


@Silvie Celiz Yep! Productive and fun 😀


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