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Welcome to Cold Email Conquest, the best place for marketing agency owners to learn about cold email!
I, Matteo, have personally spent upwards of $23k+ on courses, coaches, mentors, communities, and masterminds to do with cold email so you don't have to.
This group will help you learn how to create cold email campaigns that get leads, build relationships, and grow your business.
Whether you're an expert or just starting, you'll find lots of helpful resources, tips, and support here.
What You Can Expect:
šŸ“š Smart Tips: Learn cool tricks from experts to write great cold emails that work.
šŸ“¹ Easy Guides: Find step-by-step guides and videos on writing emails.
šŸ“ Ready-to-Use Templates: Use a library of email templates and tools.
šŸŒŸ Success Stories: Read real-life success stories from other marketers.
šŸ¤ Support & Networking: Connect with other agency owners, share ideas and ask questions
ā“ Live Q&A: Join live Q&A sessions with experts to get answers to your cold email questions.
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Cold Email Conquest
Learn to master the skill of cold email with tips, templates, and support. Join us to grow your marketing agency and succeed together!
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