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Closers Into Consultants is a community for sales reps & sales managers that want to become Fractional Sales Consultants.
Fractional Sales Consulting is what enabled me to go from burned out sales rep to taking home $194k in just 5 months. And helped many students take advantage of this opportunity and make money without taking sales calls. (see videos)
On the inside you get:
šŸ’° Weekly coaching call on one of the skills needed to be a successful Fractional Sales Consultant
šŸ’° Free courses on: how to get clients, pricing your offer, client delivery and many more
šŸ’° Exclusive content that I share only to this community
šŸ’° ...and a badass community of successful fractional consultants like on the videos above!
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Closers Into Consultants
The 1# Community For Remote Closers To Make An Income Selling Without Sales Calls As A Fractional Sales Consultant
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