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ClassMercial = Class + Commercial Tools. These are Master classes with just enough of the Academic & Theoretical knowledge that underlies a given skill set and then we contextualized the lessons to a selected set of Tools or Software that allows for the actual deployment of such knowledge in a way that it creates enough value to support a commercial activity.
Our first ClassMercial is with RTILA Studio which is one of the most powerful and granular Browser Automation software, and with the appropriate knowledge any business minded person (even non-developers) can benefit from and deploy high value Ai & Web Automation projects in their businesses or that of their clients. RTILA is a not just an "Automation Software" but an "Automation Software Making Software" allowing professionals to compile automations into their own Standalone software & monetize through Ads, payments, or subscriptions. You can also scrape data & sell your DataSets or use that data to power a SaaS or other websites.
Private group
ClassMercials are courses that come with the commercial tools & software to deploy/monetize the knowledge. Ai & Web Automation RPA ChatGPT Prompting..
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