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Jim Kelley is a Success Coach, Creator, Educator, and Founder of ChangeWorks Institute (CWI). He specializes in the Self-Directed Change® Frameworks, offering a range of services including courses, certifications, coaching, and retreats.
His target audience includes coaches, counselors, therapists, professionals, parents, teachers, and business leaders who want to master managing life's transitions and changes.
Jim's purpose is to empower individuals to handle life's transitions effectively through his transformative methodologies.
His programs focus on state management, creating better results, and improving client outcomes through decision-making and practice.
The ideal client transformation Jim envisions involves clients developing a deep sense of empowerment, certainty, and ease in navigating adversity. He aims to help clients (1 know where to start, (2 become more effective, and (3 grow their impact by taking the right steps at the right time with the right support.
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