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Welcome to CFD Dose, the 1st CFD community on Skool! 🚀
Here, we dive into the depths of Computational Fluid Dynamics, learning from the ground up in a collaborative environment.
What's rolling?
  • Weekly Virtual CFD Coffees: Casual chats to share and inspire.
  • CFD Courses & Codes: From basics to advanced insights.
  • Newsletters & Software Updates: Stay ahead with the latest in CFD.
  • Public GitHub Repos: Collaborate and innovate together.
Community Guidelines:
  • Respect is key: Foster a supportive learning atmosphere.
  • Stay engaged: Your insights enrich us all.
  • CFD focus: Let's keep discussions on-topic and relevant.
Make the most out of CFD Dose: Engage actively!
Your questions and contributions will enhance the whole group's experience. Here, every interaction counts in your points, unlocking more courses and eventually ramping up your CFD skillset.
Together, we'll brew weekly the best CFD coffee and ride the waves of turbulence :P. Welcome aboard! 🌊
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CFD Dose
Private group
Making Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) fun to everyone!
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