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Welcome to Cash Curriculums With Flate (The acronym our clients gave us for Flip & Nate together)
Realistically we're just a couple of regular dudes who've figured out how to sell shit online with lean & simple processes.
At the time of writing this post, we're well over 7-figures in product sales just between the two of us with dozens & dozens of different products & offers.
And just in the awards we've shipped out, our client results are over $2M+ again with dozens of different products, unique brands of their own & their individual ecosystems.
Inside this community, you can expect the secret sauce behind how & why we're actively operating our businesses & the tactics we give to our private clients who pay us premium prices.
Whether you're just looking for the clarity behind cracking your first $1,000 online or want a leveraged approach to your next 100K+.
This space will help ya do just that!
It's a paid Community & you can secure your seat 👇
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Cash Curriculums With Flate
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