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Welcome to Camp Nursing School By a blend of nursing education and the allure of camping in a vibrant FREE online community. Crafted for all nursing students, from new and enrolling to those prepping for the NCLEX, envision a digital campfire where learners unite, exchange insights, and pave the way forward.
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Why Camp Nursing School?
🏕 Dive into a camping-themed learning environment.
🔥 Comprehensive NCLEX prep with modules, worksheets, and more.
🍁 Engage with peers, faculty, and alumni in forum discussions.
🌠 Get inspired by guest speakers (Nurse Sam's Special Camp Counselors)
Access to:
  • Detailed learning with The Nurse Sam
  • Engaging learning modules and simulations.
  • A rich digital library with videos and digital freebies
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Join Camp Nursing School: Set up your digital tent, connect with like-minded learners, and journey together towards nursing mastery! 🌌📚🩺
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Where nursing education meets camping spirit in a dynamic digital community. From beginners to NCLEX prep, join our global digital campfire!🩺⛺️
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