Built Like Desi
Private group
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You right now:
  • Skinny arms and legs with all your fat concentrated around your belly
  • Poor diet - low protein, high carbs
  • No consistency
  • No confidence
  • Your South Asian friends/family telling you to forget fitness and focus on your career/studies
Join us:
  • Build a body you can be proud of
  • Become leaner, muscular and stronger
  • Feel the difference in your health
  • Be confident in social situations
  • Get support from a like minded group of Desi friends
We'll give you ALL the tools you need, you just need to make use of them.
🔱 The Community
  • Get help from your brothers and be held accountable - 2 weekly coaching/accountability calls
  • Compete with the boys - Weekly fitness challenges
  • Build lifelong connections - Monthly community call, group chat
  • Discuss topics like mental health, relationships etc - Weekly group discussion call
📚Courses (check image above)
  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • How To Set Your Habits
  • The Skinny Fat Roadmap
🚨Free lifetime membership if you join now (NEVER pay anything).
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Built Like Desi
Private group
Transform your skinny-fat physique with a powerful South Asian brotherhood. Become leaner, muscular, stronger and more confident.
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