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What’s Inside? Everything I wish I had when I started my brow career. I’m dedicated to empowering new and experienced artists to excel in the brow industry through guidance and resources.
Eliminate the guesswork with virtual coaching & masterclasses. Have a clear roadmap for success so your journey is as smooth as possible.
Brow Babes is perfect for you if:
- You're serious about achieving success in the brow industry.
- You feel stuck and unsure about your next steps.
- You've invested in multiple courses but still lack confidence and results.
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- Brow Babes Private Group
- Brow Mapping Secrets Course: Get the perfect predraw every-time.
- Ombré Blueprint Course: Master the art of Ombré brows
- Blade & Shade Blueprint Course: Master Amina’s highly in-demand technique
- Monthly Virtual Workshops and Coaching: Covering essential business secrets, topics & techniques
-& More
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Brow Babes
Private group
If you’re a brow artist or want to become a permanent brow artist, you’re in the right place. Learn business & skills to become a sought-after artist!
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