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Welcome to "Back to Business School - with Brenzen & Skool",
crafted for creative entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their craft into a profitable business.
This community merges 20y+ business wisdom with modern strategies, focusing on content creation, courses, digital products and high-ticket coaching.
What We Offer:
📸 Insights: Direct advice from an experienced business mentor (20y+ experience in the creative field and marketing). Scaled freelancers and agencies to 10k, 50k, 100k à month.
📚 Learning:
  • Comprehensive Courses: From productizing expertise, content creation to digital marketing.
  • Interactive Learning: Workshops and live sessions Q&A
  • Passive Income: Unlock strategies for earning passive income through your creations.
  • Skool: Master creating online courses, digital products and a paid community on Skool.
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Private group
No matter the skill, there's a place for it in the digital teaching space. Let me show you how turn your craft into a profitable business.
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