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Inspired by my membership and engagement in Community Empire by Greg Isenberg, I've decided to offer my experiences going $0 - $1m+ in a community, 1-to-many setting. This community will help founders:
  • Create a Strategic Narrative
  • Understand PMF and Phase 1 of Startup building
  • Run effective and efficient outbound
  • Conduct high value discovery and demo calls
  • Manage pipeline to achieve high sales velocity and guide customers to success and retention
Vision for membership includes:
  • 100s of templates, guides, videos, insights and tactical guidance
  • Community: Work alongside other driven CEOs and founders
  • Get feedback on your startup
  • Get new ideas, vent & rant
  • Office hours daily
Brady's Bunch combines the frameworks, tactics, and SOPs I teach 1to1 as CEO coach/VPSales with community and learning together.
This is free-for-now but not a free-forever and hoping you early adopters can help me create something super valuable for you and future founders alike.
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Private group
This is a two-week sprint to get an MVP Startup Founder community built and I want to build it with and for you :)
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