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Join us to become a Marketing Leader in the next internet evolution.
Gain access to an exclusive Community of Marketing Leaders, unlock in-depth Online Courses and Expert Mentorship to Grow and Profit in the new Web.
šŸ¤ Exclusive Community:
  • Unlimited access to Marketing Leaders. Learn from real-world successes and case studies.
  • Monthly Business Coaching, Networking, and Community roundtable.
  • Save thousands of $ with free access and discounts on next gen Marketing Tools.
šŸ“š In-depth Online Courses:
  • Masterclass: How Brands Should Enter The Metaverse and NFT Space.
  • Course: Mastering Brand Engagement on Roblox
  • Coming soon: Post-Cookie Era: Analytics 3.0 šŸ‘€
  • Coming soon: How to land a job in Web3. šŸ‘€
šŸ‘„ Expert Mentorship:
  • Personal Board of Advisors: Transform challenges into opportunities with expert mentorship.
  • Bi-weekly AMA with Diego & Friends on Web3, Metaverse, AI, etc.
  • Monthly interviews, AMA's, and product demos with industry leaders.
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BorgoAcademy šŸŽ“
Become a Marketing Leader in the next internet evolution.
Join our exclusive community of Marketing Leaders and unlock Courses & Expert Mentorship.
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