Birddog Factory Bootstrapper
Private group
14 members
$97 /month
Being a Birddog is the first step in making money in Real Estate starting with little to any Cash, Credit, or Experience. This program teaches you how to attract off market deals, and raise the money you need to close deals.
We review topics like:
• Wholesaling & Daisy-Chaining
• Rehabbing & Flipping
• BRRRR & Land-lording
• Private Lending, Private Equity, & Syndication
• Seller Financing & Subject To
• Lease Options & Short-Term Rentals (Air BnB)
• Joint Ventures & Hardmoney
• Pre-Foreclosure, Reo, & HUD Homes
• Tax Liens, Tax Deeds, & Redemption Deed
• Multi- Family, Vacant Land, & Development
As a Birddog I’ll be training you on Network Real Estate Investing, Grass root marketing, Bandit Signs, Agent Campaigning, Driving for Dollars, PPC, and much more…!
This community is dedicated to accelerating your learning curve as a Real Estate Investor and Business Owner.
“Birddog’s are Marketers that track down Real Estate Deals for Investor’s” And Bootstrapper’s get it done with limited resources!
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Birddog Factory Bootstrapper
We Empower and Educate Individuals in the Art of Real Estate Investing with No Money & No Credit. As you develop the skill needed to profit from RE.
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