Big Dream Fuel Update
Good afternoon! I wanted to send an update to let you know about my future plans for the Big Dream Fuel community. I plan to convert the Big Dream Fuel membership to a paid plan after we get 100 active members. This will allow the site and community to become well-established prior to the conversion. At that point, I'm looking at a price point of around $10.00 a month.
Founding members (the first 100) will continue to have free access to the community.
I would appreciate it if you could please add content that personally inspires you, such as quotes, images, helpful links, etc. Also, let me know if you have valuable written content in PDF form that I could consider adding to the classroom section. This would be a great way for you to indirectly promote yourself or your business.
As usual, any helpful advice or ideas would be appreciated.
Rick Wagoner
Big Dream Fuel Update
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