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Family Constellation is happening in 28 hours
Welcome to Beyond | Start Here 🦋✨
Follow these simple steps: - Watch the introduction video below - Introduce yourself on the community thread - Add your first coaching calls to your calendar - Check out the mini-courses in the classroom If you are wondering how to introduce yourself on the community thread simply tell us what resonated with you in the video, what you are currently working on, and what you'd love to get out of being here. It's also worth downloading the Skool app to your phone for easy access. Again, welcome to the family xx
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Healing Hypnosis With Jawai - WOW!
Hi folks I just had to hop on and share the incredible experience I had with Jawai this week during his healing hypnosis session. I’ve had some major inner and outer shifts this week thanks to his brilliant guidance and what he helped me integrate within myself (anger/ rebellion/ inner child healing) feeling an exciting new energy for life and business! Highly recommend! ♥️🙏🏽
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🎬 Replay Soul Alignment - What is going on? 🤯
We had a beautiful intimate group today coming together and tuning in to what we sense happening in the world. Yes, there is a lot of grief and many things are falling apart. And at the same time there is something new being born from the cracks of the crumbling system. But it is also within us: What are the parts that we need to let go of? The courageous decisions that will shift us out of our comfort zone in order to follow the call to break free? What is the emerging understanding about who we really are, and what becomes possible if we nurture this? Enjoy the replay below if you couldn't make it today or want to watch it again! And mark your calendar for the next session in two weeks (if you're not at Envision Festival), Thursday 07.03., 9am CT / 4pm CET 📞 And if you want to learn more about how to really commit to a group of allies supporting each other on this journey, check out the Soul Awakened Leadership Circle: 🌱
🌟 Starting in March! Soul Awakened Leadership Circle 🌎
I'm excited to launch the Soul Awakened Leadership Circle A curated Mastermind for Leaders of Leaders. 🚀 There is an amazing group of fascinating pioneers and leaders coming together, and I can't wait for you to meet each other! 📅 We will start our circle early March! ✨ First Mover Discount for the first 3 applications! Only two left! ✨ This is your weekly support structure in a time of unprecedented potential and uncertainty. SOUL AWAKENED LEADERS ARE PIONEERS IN THEIR FIELDS WHO LEAD OTHERS TO BECOME LEADERS THEMSELVES. But it can be lonely on the edge, and often they sense that they are ahead of their times. This is why we need each other. We all bring a unique piece of the puzzle, and we are all needed to step up in our full expression and authenticity. Like imaginal cells in the cocoon of the butterfly, we can form protective clusters where we mirror each other our greatness and align with a shared vision. Together, we remember who we are and why we are here. This is what the Soul Awakened Leadership Circle is all about. You can find all the details and apply here:
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🧘‍♀️ Introducing: The Meditation Vault
We just opened a treasure chest of powerful transformative BEYOND meditations, crafted by both our Beyond coaches and cherished teachers, to support your growth and transformation! 🌟 And the best about it: It's completely free and constantly new meditations are being added! 🪝 Here's the catch: In order to access it, you must at least reach Level 2 in your Beyond Coaching journey! ⬆️ How do you get to the next level? Easy! Whenever someone likes your post, reply or comment, you collect 1 point that counts towards your next level! And you only need 5 points to reach Level 2! ✍️ So, start introducing yourself, share relevant and supportive content, like other peoples posts, comment and start engaging! We'll see you in the eternal now! 🧘‍♀️ ↪️ Big thanks to @Nicole Spartels for taking the initiative!
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