Hi. I'm Richie. I'm a college student who is trying to find a purpose for myself and to find myself. I love to dance, sing, play volleyball, gossip and talk about anything. Just to say i maybe quiet at first, just lyk. But I'm here to vibe, heal, and possibly be better person and learn from other perspectives to be a better person and change my environment of people to positive energys. I've been through suicidal thoughts and depression because of trying to find myself. The fear that built in me to be myself and truly be me was always something scary I went through. Bullying through 2nd grade to 7th grade changed me so much where there is this trauma shock that triggers in me that brings back flashbacks sometimes. Even discovering my sexuality was scary of course had so many consequences you put up with. I hate like labels put on me like you are this so your this yk. That just sparks an anger on me. All I want is appreciation and being treated as a normal person because I know my younger self would be so happy in tears rn for me honestly.


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