Hey y’all! My name is Andrew I’m 25 and from northern Minnesota. Thought I’d introduce myself here! I grew up in rural Wisconsin in a very conservative, religious house. For me at the time I was a closeted gay kid in a town of less than 2000. I definitely went through it with my mental, including suicide. Long story short I learned how to help classmates and peers to deal with their own mental health. I unfortunately didn’t go into counseling or therapy as a career path, but I definitely am willing to talk and listen to anyone that needs it! I am a Veterinary Technician, so I definitely do understand the stress and struggles that healthcare providers and first responders are facing. I just bought my first house last year with my fiancé in northern Minnesota, we currently have 2 dogs, and 3 cats. Outside of work I do a lot of genetic work with cattle, I also have my own rabbits for show and meat purposes. I was glad to see Nick announce that he was starting this group, mental health is extremely important to me too.


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