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Welcome to BEAT Global Academy. BELIEVE. EMPOWER. ACT. THRIVE. For busy professionals and entrepreneurs like you! We believe in the power of small steps leading to massive positive change. With inspired action and a focus on mindset mastery and healthy longevity for every aspect of your work and life.
Make sure you watch our video first before exploring our classroom and member areas.
What's inside BEAT FREE:
14 Day Vision in Business Challenge ( £2500 value)
Weekly "Illuminate Your Future" Masterclass Sprint (valued at £600 pm)
"BEATing the Buzz" Emotional Resilience Course (valued at £2500)
BONUS: Free "BEAT Procrastination" Course (valued at £2500)
BONUS: Free "BEAT Your Health" Course (valued at £2500)
BONUS: Motivated Entrepreneurial Community (priceless)
Total Value £10,600. NOW FOR £0!
Welcome to our community. Kay & Sarah
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BEAT Global Academy
Private group
Transform Your Life at BEAT Global Academy: Where Busy Professionals Master Mindset,
Resilience, and Holistic Health.
Believe. Empower. Act. Thrive.
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