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✨Social Media 101 with Madison✨ - 003
Hey BAM people!!!! Let’s talk about TikTok. I know, I know you’ve heard so many mixed things about TikTok… Should you be on it? Is it worth your time? You’re not a kid and you don’t want to lip sync to songs…. Etc etc
First things first… being on TikTok does NOT mean you have to lip sync to songs!!!! You do not have to learn dances!!! And you sure don’t have to force yourself to fit an arbitrary mold that people tell you is the only way to be successful on TikTok!
Second… you don’t HAVE to be on tiktok, you’re allowed to decide that it isn’t your vibe, but don’t write it off because you’re not a 12 year old girl lol! TikTok can be for everyone, it just depends HOW you use it.
Here are a few tips to get you started:
1️⃣ Find your niche - are you wanting to share clips from your latest podcast, or share the best ways to be safe at the gym? Maybe the most important things to look for when renting a home or how to stay motivated when you’re making a big business change! Find what you're passionate about and stick to it!
2️⃣ Find YOUR style! - I always say the most important thing when recording a video is to say your topic in the first 3 seconds.
🚀DO NOT SAY: “hey guys whats up im madison i have cool pink hair listen to me bc im so cool and you should listen to me because i’m gonna show you how to post a tiktok the right way blah blah blah” BORING
🚀DO SAY: “Want to learn the 3 best tips to posting your next video? What’s up i'm Madison, I know what i'm talking about, here is the 3 tips 1.___ 2.___ & 3.___
🚀It’s engaging, it’s quick, it’s to the point, people know exactly what they’re getting from your video, and they learn who you are and what you do, but you position it in a way that the audience doesn’t have to guess what’s next or feel they are wasting their time watching you. It’s so easy to scroll past a video, so make the first 3 seconds COUNT!
3️⃣ Use popular music - No one is saying you have to go out of your comfort zone and use songs that don’t fit your brand value, heck find an instrumental song! Look for songs with quite a few videos, this will help your video get pushed out to more people.
4️⃣ Have fun! Remember, the point of TikTok is to have fun and be creative. So let loose, be yourself, and don’t think too much about it. People want to real you, so just have fun!
✨ Comment below your business, and the TikTok niche you want to be in and i’ll write you a script for your FIRST video! Let’s goooo! ✨
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