✨Social Media 101 with Madison✨ - 002
~Let’s get down to the basics - Instagram Edition~
Social Media is ever changing, and so is the terminology! I want to share some basic verbiage with you so the next time someone asks you about your latest IG Reel that you added to your Story… you know exactly what they’re talking about!
To start we have to classify which social media platform you’re working with. My personal favorite is Instagram, so we’re going to start there because I can do what I want, it’s my article 😂. (But next week we’ll pick back up with Facebook, and maybe TikTok the following week!)
Instagram has many features. I could talk about it endlessly, but for the sake of time, we’re going to focus on the difference between a Profile, a Feed, Photo Posts, Reel Posts, and Stories.
🌟Profile vs. Feed (Photos Attached)
Both of these live together, but the difference between a profile and a feed is that your profile includes everything: your profile photo, your description, your photos, videos, your “feed”, etc. literally everything.
Your “feed” is a word that describes just the posts all together so the image above showcases a feed with a mixture of graphics, photos, and videos with the first half focusing on a space theme and the second half focusing on an in person experience.
I know it’s super pretentious that there is different terminology for those classifications, but I didn’t make the rules, I’m just helping make sure you know them lol!
🌟Photo Post (Photo Attached)
Basically, if you add a photo to your account, you’re posting a photo to instagram. Very Simple, you can add a caption, tag people, etc.
🌟Reel Post (Photo Attached)
This is Instagram’s option for video posting. They give you options to add songs, add graphics, use multiple videos, etc. It’s very user friendly and everything is directly on the app for you to use. (If you’re ever stuck, just ask me for help, I got you.) There is a huge benefit to using Reels that I do want to mention, Reels get pushed to everyone. It’s not guaranteed, so don’t come yell at me if you don’t go viral tomorrow, but it will help. Basically Instagram wants people to use their features, so if you post to reels, and you have a catchy song, or you just say some really cool stuff, the algorithm could push that out to people who don’t even know you yet! (If you want some ideas on what to post, check my last Skool Post!)
🌟Story/Stories (Photos Attached)
Stories are 24 hour photos or videos that you share to keep people up to date with what you have going on. I like to say posts/reels is your curated content, stuff to really push your brand and what you're all about, while a story showcases your day in the life processes.
Posts/Reels are for your beautifully done Christmas cards, while your story is for the morning of Christmas candidly opening presents.
I hope this brought some clarity! If not, post your questions below! Let's talk!
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