Best Subject Lines to use for Email Opens
I learned these from Billy Gene (credit where credit is due) and now sharing with you!
The most important part here is that you are authentic with the content inside the email and make sure it is relevant to the subject line. The goal is NOT to TRICK people, is to make them CURIOUS.
These are proven subject lines that do work, BUT you’ll lose your trust with your audience quickly if you don’t deliver in the promise of your subject line.
Think of these as good starting points or frameworks to use for email marketing.
Feel free to customize these, start using them , and see your open rates increase!
  1. "First Name", can I give you money?
  2. We got that "First Name"!
  3. here "First Name"!
  4. A weird invitation for "First Name"
  5. let's do it "First Name"
  6. Letter for "First Name"
  7. This is specifically for "First Name"
  8. "First Name". read this while you do
  1. I know it's Friday but... you need to read this real quick (time-sensitive)
  2. Re: Next Friday
  3. 3 more left (which is better for you
"First Name"?)
  1. Let's hop on a call today "First Name"!
  1. If I lose it all tomorrow...
  2. I'll take the blame..
  3. Billy won't tell you, so I will... 23. Is this what you wanted?
  4. I even texted vou..
  5. [OOPS!] We made a mistake.
  6. Wrong title
  7. Believe it or not... this is what you need to do...
  8. Did you post this?
  9. REALLY proud!
  10. Will you marry me?
  11. Did you hear what happened yesterday?!
  12. I'll skip the BS
  13. Turn the page...
  14. is this unfair? (be honest)
  15. . How long will it take
  16. Can you take a look at this
  17. My Exact Email That Got 1200-registrants in 48 hours!
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