Benefits of Advertising on Facebook #2 Highest Retail ROAS
It is fairly unanimous to say that Facebook is one, if not THE, most used internet service in the world. Since first going live in 2004, the tech giant has grown to include an active user base of nearly 2.7 billion active users, adding more everyday. It should come as no surprise then, that the advertising opportunities have grown equally alongside the company.
Having expanded its utilities to meet the marketing needs of businesses all over the world, Facebook has developed one of the most complex and sophisticated targeting algorithms on the planet. Having accomplished such an immense feat, it can be understandable how someone might find breaking down the advantages Facebook has to offer as a bit daunting.
But don't worry, we got you covered! That’s why, in the coming weeks, we are going to take you through the top ways we’ve discovered that Facebook advertising can better boost your business’ advertising effectiveness.
This week, we have our number 2 reason: Highest Retail ROAS
Facebook ads that appear on user feeds are arguably the single best performing type of ad for online marketing. This is so true in fact, that Facebook ads on feeds, messenger, and marketplace take all the top spots in E-commerce related research. This has resulted in the strongest ROAS, surpassing even Google Shopping.
Compared to their competition, Facebook has shown that its users are more likely to click ads they see on their feed. Making up nearly 80% of all traffic from U.S. social media to an Ecommerce website, Facebook has a proven track record making it a highly lucrative investment for your business.
Join us as we check out 15 Ways Facebook Ads Can Improve Your Marketing Performance, as well as the most popular ways social media advertising can boost your leads. So stay tuned, strap in, and get ready as we explore the new frontier of business marketing together.
John Kutney
Benefits of Advertising on Facebook #2 Highest Retail ROAS
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