Your Input Needed: B2B Events Guide
Thank you to all the members who joined us this week for our event about events (hehe).
There were a lot of challenging questions, and we want to continue the discussion! We’re already 76 marketers* here.
We would love to launch a “how-to” guide and would appreciate it if everyone asked a question on this month’s topic. For those of you who already use events in your marketing mix and those who don’t have any experience at all - what questions or curiosities do you have about B2B marketing events? Whether it's about planning, execution, finding the right speakers, driving engagement, or any other aspect of B2B events, we’re all ears! 🎧
We are preparing material on this topic and cannot do it without you. 💕
*The community is open, so feel free to invite others too!
Diana Slabu
Your Input Needed: B2B Events Guide
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