Awakened Warriors
Private group
21 members
$37 /month
The Awakened Warriors group w/ Jordan Sather
ā€” Focuses exclusively on building mental and physical strength, prioritizing self-reliance, and achieving self-mastery in the most important areas of our lives: critical thinking, health, business, and life skills.
The courses and community in this group will offer you:
  • discernment techniques to see through mainstream and alternative media propaganda
  • tips on identifying narcissism to prevent yourself from being manipulated
  • personal diet and workout coaching to build a stronger mind & body
  • help in building mental, emotional, and spiritual strength through philosophy and group support
  • teaching on entrepreneurship skills to help maximize and scale your personal business or side hustle (escape the rat race!)
  • discussion of building relevant like skills to become self-reliant in all domains.
  • a group of friends that will help you stick to your plan, support you, and help you achieve your goals!
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Awakened Warriors
Private group
Courses & community designed to bring you practical knowledge in crucial areas of life, such as health, business, free-thought, & life skills
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