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$999 /month
We Love Skool... It's simple, user friendly and makes STARTING your coaching business easy.
But the minute you are ready to grow and Build an actual Business you quickly realize Skool is missing a few key functions, the Backpak is what we use behind the scenes of our top 1% community, they helped us a lot, maybe they can help you too - šŸ¤·šŸ¼ā€ā™‚ļø ?
Try Backpak to Grow, Automate & Monetize your Skool Community
šŸ¤³šŸ½ Scheduled Social Poster + 30 Day Reel Challenge
šŸ’¬ Many Chat-Flows > leads into Skool
šŸ“§ Email Campaigns > Welcome Sequence
šŸ“† Scheduling System > To book calls & Paid Consultations
šŸ’° Payments for more than $999
All for $47/m
šŸ‘‰ We've taken the skool philosophy and embraced simplicity. We built the tools we needed on High Level
Try them with zero risk for 30 Days.
Don't love it
s seamlessly with skool and provides Experts & Coaches with everything they need to build a $50k/m Coaching Biz
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The BackPak
A simple Skool Operating System for Coaches & Health Professionals
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