Automation Accelerator™
Private group
75 members
$149 /month
Sell High Value Automations by mastering AI & Powerful No-Code Tools
You’ll learn how to:
💰 Utilize AI masterfully, making you a valuable asset for businesses
💰 Implement No-Code systems, enabling you to create custom solutions
💰 Identify Automation Opportunities
💰 Sell AI Services, Custom Systems, and Automations
You’ll have access to:
✅ Job Opportunities & Leads
✅ FOUR Mentors
✅ Industry Experts
✅ TWO Mastermind calls every week
✅ Comprehensive courses and trainings
✅ Monthly 1:1 accountability calls / strategy sessions
✅ High-Value Network of ambitious peers
🎁 Exclusive access to industry events
🎁 Access to tools and resources
🎁 Contract templates
🎁 Resources providing direction & accountability
This technology is going to change how the world operates, take advantage of this opportunity and position yourself to succeed by mastering these tools.
❗️ 20 Day Money Back Guarantee (terms & conditions apply:
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Automation Accelerator™
Masterclass on AI & Automation; Become a Certified Automation Operator within 90 days or less.
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