Tips using Ai to update resumes
Hi Kim and Ronda, I'm updating mine and my husbands resume and would like to use Ai (of course😄) and was wondering if you could give me some pointers.
Here's what I've done so far.. For each resume, I have the linked in copy, the old resume in PDF and word format. In ChatGPT I've turned on 1) AiPDF 2) Ask your PDF and 3) Doc maker...
The outcome I would like is to have an up-to-date resume including;
✔️all of our jobs to date on the resume
✔️SEO friendly
✔️includes the info top recruiters are looking for (summary? dates? skills? Passions? etc)
✔️Clean, Concise, Easy to understand, results focused, Worded at a seventh grade level?
✔️Once have FINAL resume - ability to customize it for each job
✔️Thoughts? What's missing for a successful resume?
Are these the three plug-ins I chose the best for this project?
I tried to upload a pdf to start, but was unable. Any best practices?
Is there an existing prompt that you've already shared that I can start with?
Thank YOU🥰
Kathy Haigler
Tips using Ai to update resumes
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