🌟 Marketing Prompt of the Week

In our AI Marketing Insider™Newsletter, we have been sharing well thought out prompts that will get you moving in the right direction & unlock your creative genius!

With that said, we do not believe single prompts will get you "there". Getting the results you are looking for requires a process or a series of prompts to get really good output.

I was going to share the one we included in our most recent newsletter, but I got a question from a new student who's working her way through the AI Advantage Masterclass about training AI on your offers.

She doesn't have an offer yet, so her question was "should I skip this part". And the short answer is "no". Rather, use it as an opportunity to brainstorm your offer with AI.

In our first issue of AI Marketing Insider™Newsletter, Kim shared a brainstorming prompt that's a great place to start when brainstorming any idea, whether it's fleshing out an offer or not.

Go check out the marketing prompt here!

If you give it a go, share your #AHA moments with us in the comments below.

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