🚀 Exciting News for Our Amazing Community! 🚀
Firstly, a BIG thank you to each and every one of you who participated in our recent poll.
We value your voice! It was close, but the Short-Form Video topic emerged the winner. 🎥✨
To our non-AI Authority Insiders, here's the scoop: Our second exclusive workshop for AI Authority Insiders is all set: How AI-Powered Short-Form Video Can Transform Your Marketing & Triple Your Results in Just One Month!
And guess what?
We've just sent out our first promo email to our entire list about this workshop, priced at $147 for one-time access.
But here's an inside tip...
Instead of purchasing the workshop as a standalone, consider this: 🤔
Join AI Authority Insiders for only $97/month!
Here's why it's a game-changer:
🌟 Immediate Savings: You instantly save $50 compared to the one-time purchase.
🌟 Past Workshop Access: Dive into last month's "Craft Offers with AI" workshop - already a hit among our members!
🌟 Future Content: This membership isn't just about one workshop. It's about continual learning, with monthly sessions and a treasure trove of other resources.
🌟 Insider Perks: From networking to exclusive content, AI Authority Insiders get the first and the best of everything.
Investing in your growth is always a smart move. And by joining the AI Authority Insiders, you're not just saving money today, but securing value for the future.
So, why pay more for less?
Join the Insiders family today and let's ride the AI wave together!
Stay inspired and keep innovating! 💡
Ronda Moore
🚀 Exciting News for Our Amazing Community! 🚀
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