Burning questions ahead

Hi all!

Hope you're doing great!

There are some questions that I have in mind for a long time and can’t wrap my mind around it. Maybe one of you can use some teaching skills to help me understand the following:

what’s the difference between coaching and consulting according to you?

Although there are loads of discussions and examples in front of me I still can’t figure out how that would work.

Is consulting working 1:1 with an individual, providing a roadmap and framework to achieve a precise goal? Is the support included? In other words, is consulting a done with you or a DIY type of service?

what about coaching then?

How would you do group coaching when you have clients enrolling anytime ? they end up having different levels so how can you provide information to suit all needs?

I hope my questions are clear enough. Your answers might unlock so many things for me :)

Thanks in advance!


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