App Launch Program
Private group
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When you enter, you'll get access to a community of like-minded app founders, and all the resources you need to build, launch, and grow a successful app in 2024.
What you'll get inside:
✅ 6-Week App Launch & Growth Video Course
✅ 2h Weekly App Coaching Calls with Milos
✅ Flutter & Firebase App Template
✅ Expanding Library of Resources & Tools
✅ 4-step Profitable App Ideas Framework
✅ App Founders Community
The 6-week video course covers:
🚀 Transitioning from app developer to app founder
🚀 Picking profitable app ideas (and avoiding competition)
🚀 Monetizing from day 1 (picking one of 8 ways to monetize)
🚀 Building apps in weeks, not months (without VC)
🚀 Acquiring users for $0 (without paid ads)
🚀 Growing apps to profitability
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App Launch Program
Private group
Collaborate with other founders to build, launch, and grow your apps.
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