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Welcome to altWork!
Hosted by Saqib Rasool and the Conceivian team, we are a community of changemakers committed to learning and expanding our capacities for expansion, innovation, and leadership.
With our community of peers, monthly live community meetings, and ongoing sharing of provocations, you'll have everything you need to expand your perception, gain clarity, and take your career, work, and business to the next level.
Our approach is inspired by the developments in Linguistic Ontology, Evolutionary Biology, & Computer Science and the works of influential philosophers like Rumi, Heidegger, J.L. Austin, Maturana, Varella, Searle, Dreyfus, Gemma Fiumara, James McManis, Fernando Flores, and Chauncey Bell. Noted speakers in the community include Catherine Sheridan, Peter Yaholkovsky, Bruce Feldstein, Darrel Rhea, Alan Sieler, and others.
Join us, bring your questions and struggles, and discuss them with the community of like-minded peers here. We look forward to interacting with you.
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Provoking conversations for navigating the new dynamic era.
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