Canadian blue collar guy who is learning how to build a Monetized Life.
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Joined Mar 16, 2024
Need some tech help? Visit for Tech Support.
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Automating Skool and solo entrepreneur's businesses to maximize efficiency! Remove repetitive tasks with automation 🔄 Focus on what truly matters. 🚀
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Entrepreneur & Mentor: from hospitality to Microgreens & Business Coaching. A cancer fighter using microgreens in his health journey.
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Driven by a love for organization and timely action. Helping solopreneurs find accountability to have more time and fun in their business journey!
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Father of 2 from Alberta, Canada. After 20+ years as a blue collar worker, I decided to try earning a living doing something I love for a change!
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Entrepreneur all the way in New Zealand. Owner of Cullen Creative - est. 2022 Mum of 2 💓
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Empowerment Coach. I’m passionate about inspiring growth and self-discovery.
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Mark, from Alberta. Here to learn and grow.
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Something Different ? Something Real ? Streaming online business creation and growth LIVE. Twitch Streamer. Entrepreneur. Farmer.
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God and health 🙏💪😄
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Just a human that likes to stay high in the sky (My daughter wrote this.) I'm a professional pilot.
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I turn procrastinators into high achievers
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I'm Mel, a simple country girl at heart, eager to chase my dreams and ready to go full throttle, kicking up some dust on my way to those goals!
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