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Benefits of joining the Accelerated Self Healing™ community:
- Free online education, interaction, and support community for doctors, patients, coaches, caregivers, and clients to achieve better health outcomes
- Open office hours and a Q&A section for continuous support
- Free courses included: ASH™ Intro, Natural Remedies, Healing Oasis Power Tools, and Functional Formulations™
- Advanced courses for specific eye and vision needs: Natural Vision Improvement, Macular Regeneration, Healing Glaucoma, Cataract Solutions, and Dry Eye Relief
- Professional level training on: Body: 5 States of Matter, Mind: Context to Communication, Spirit Cycle of 5 Elements, Healing Your Inheritance, Healing Your Past, and Wellness Whispering™
- In-depth exploration of the 5 Embryological Tissue Layers, Terrain: The 5 Phases of Healing, 5 Levels of Regulation, and the 5 Levels of Therapy
- Gain insights on and upgrade your understanding of diagnosis and prognosis to transform healing outcomes.
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