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Welcome to the 🌟 Alignment of Light Community 🌟 a space committed to offering you tools and teachings to support you on your spiritual and human journey.
𓋹 Weekly Guided Meditations + Q&A
LIVE weekly guided meditation w/ Q&A & access to recordings
𓆃 Open Community Forum + Discussions
Share your insights, ask questions, & connect with others
𓀉 Breathwork, Yoga & Activations
Learn and implement vital practices to increase your life force energy
The founder, Igor Galibov, has a mission to lead people into understanding life and teachings beyond the physical realm, as well as create a supportive platform for aligned teachers and practitioners to learn and gain support from one another.
💫 Organs Education & Activation
💫 Brain Education & Activation
💫 Introduction & Activation of Energy Bodies
💫 Toroidal Field Education & Activation
💫 Karmic Healing
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Alignment of Light Community
✨Practical tools & teachings to support you on your spiritual & human journey. Weekly community guided mediations with Q&A + Daily Practice 🎥
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