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Community + No-Fluff Instructional Videos + My Direct Mentorship.
The quickest, most direct way from bluegrass-interested to bluegrass-proficient.
I created this community to be the space that I WISH I had when I was learning.
You will become a better bluegrass and acoustic guitarist.
🎸 Upon Joining You Instantly Gain Access to:
  • Unlimited online access to Alex. Ask as many questions as you want. I’m here to help you get better. Questions get answered in this space.
  • Over 500 minutes of instructional video lessons focusing on:
-Fiddle Tunes / Repertoire
  • An active community of like-minded bluegrass guitarists who help one another get better each and every day. 
  • Live group lesson/Q+A with Alex third Monday 6:30pm MST + Access to Recordings
  • BONUSES (win free 1-on-1 lessons for most active members) 
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All for just .83 cents a day.
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Alex's Acoustic Club
Alex's Acoustic Club is a community of bluegrass and acoustic guitarists who are serious about improving their skills.
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