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How I got started...
I have been an entrepreneur for over 11 years, starting with events and nightlife. I taught myself about marketing for my events and eventually helped start a festival called The Rose Picnic that has had over 10,000 people attend without any large acts or performers. We even won the award for best event in Toronto back in 2019! As much as I loved events, I enjoyed the marketing side of things more and met up with a friend in Mexico one winter who was living my ideal lifestyle. He opened my eyes to Digital Marketing and working remotely. He guided me on how to build websites, run ads, and build brands, and when the pandemic hit, I saw it as an opportunity to dive deeper. In April 2020, AJX Digital was born and I decided to fully commit to becoming a digital nomad, travelling in the winter to Tulum, Mexico, and running a marketing agency fully remotely. After successfully operating a marketing agency, for the past 3 years, I started enjoying teaching people how to get started in Digital Marketing, or using the skills I've learned for their own business! That's why I joined SKOOL, in hopes of getting people started on a new journey, or just giving them advice on how to grow their own current business. Most of the advice I will give is going to be free, and all I ask is that you share and post, or tell some friends that you think might benefit from this!
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I will be using this platform to teach people some of the basics of digital marketing, to use in your business or to sell to clients!
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