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Everyone teaches you how to build chatbots, how to automated tasks with AI, etc...
No one ever wants to teach you how to actually sell AI.
Why is this? 🤔
Because they can't even figure out how to sell it themselves!
My name is Wyatt Roderick, I am currently making over $70k/week at 16 while in High School selling "AI Growth Infrastructures" 🤖
But it wasn't always this way...
I went through countless struggles and hardships.
I want to share the exact methods you can use to ACTUALLY make money with AI,
(The same methods I learned from scar tissue) 🤕
That is why the AIGI University was born.
My goal is that the community, 59 module course, & weekly calls can help you make $50k+ online selling AI Growth Infrastructures. 💰
That said there are 2 choices:
  1. Go at it alone, have all the struggles I did, and ultimately not be able to scale ❌
2. Join the Free AIGI Community: Get access to our extensive course, our interactive community, and our weekly calls with me and my team to help you scale 🚀
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Private group
Learn the power of selling "AI Growth Infrastructures" 🚀
Find out how to ACTUALLY make money with AI
100% Free: Course, Community, & Weekly Calls
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