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My name is Wyatt Roderick, I have scaled my agency to over $100k/mo @ only 16 years old.
❌ It's NOT because I'm the best salesman, booked the most appointments, or ran the best ads...
I did this by reframing my commoditized offer to an "AI Growth Infrastructure"
The Old Growth Mechanisms:
  • FB & Google Ads→ Still works, but insanely Commoditized, no one wants to hear about it. 
  • Cold Email→ Replicatable by a child on Fivver, no one wants to hear about it.
  • Setters→ Hard to manage at scale & most founders don’t want the headache. 
Everyone is selling the same thing & prospects are numb to these services, they don’t want to hear about them & even if they do, they’ll pay you a retainer so disrespectfully low that you’re better off getting a job.
Instead, you can offer hyper-desirable "AI Infrastructures" that businesses ACTUALLY want & charge $10k+ upfront 💰
In this free community, I show you how to do exactly that, everything from the offer, how to get appointments, & how to close deals. 💯
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AIGI University
Swim from the red ocean of 1000s of agencies selling the same saturated offers
Reframe your offer as an “AI Infrastructure” to 10x its desirability🚀
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