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Welcome to The AI Playbook Premium community!
AI now lets you work way fewer hours every week while also boosting your profit.
If you're an online business who wants to learn how to integrate AI into your business workflows so you can work less and profit more, this community is for you.
As a premium member you get:
  • Daily VIP access to Rick Mulready, a multiple 7-figure online business owner
  • Weekly Live Workshops with Rick: AI Strategy, Automations, masterminds/QAs, and more...
  • Workflow Playbooks: Step-by-step templates for integrating AI into your business workflows.
  • PickRicksBrain™️ AI Coaching Chatbot: Personalized business coaching 24/7
  • Done For You: automations, workflows, prompts, GPTs, roles, frameworks, etc.
  • Step-by-Step Trainings and Tutorials
  • Supportive and Helpful Community: Motivated online businesses like you.
  • And more...
The AI Playbook is like having a boardroom of super-smart people helping you work more efficiently and effectively.
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The AI Playbook Premium
Welcome to the AI community for online businesses learning how to implement AI and AI tools in your business to work less and profit more.
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