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Hey there AI Automator,
We'll get you lightyears ahead in your business.
What we're about:
πŸ€– Latest AI
πŸ’Ž Incredible AI automations
πŸš€ Stuff that actually works
You Get:
πŸ’° FULL access to my Make materials (worth Β£1,999)
πŸ’° ALL of my battle-tested Premium Prompts (Β£199)
πŸ’° FULL access to my templates (worth Β£799)
πŸ’° My Make Automation Systems (worth Β£11,999)
πŸ’° 37+ Make Apps (Worth Β£1595)
--OVER Β£15,000+ of value--
🎁 Bonus: Free Lifetime membership at Level 8 (worth £19,995)
🎁 Bonus: Weekly calls with Automation Engineers to support you (worth £795)
🎁 Bonus: Automation requests (worth £1,495)
🎁 Bonus: WEEKLY Calls (worth $4,995)
☎️ Help with tech stuff: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat
☎️ Growing business: Friday
☎️ Masterclassess: Friday
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Make friends with the 1,500+ future leaders in AI Automation
⚠️ 100% Money-Back Guarantee (14-days)
🀝 If this group doesn't more than 100X your investment, I'm not doing my job properly
Don't get left behind.
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AI Automations by Jack
If you're serious about AI and automation, this community will give you an unfair advantage. Join and build the world's most VALUABLE skill set πŸ’Ž
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