Agile Action Heroes
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A group for all people who want to grow, make progress in life & work, faster and more efficient.
The group helps you to create meaningful solutions for tough problems in life and work. You will get desired results faster and with less effort, because:
  • We work on real "life" problems
  • We drive action through "change" experiments
  • We provide a safe place to feel and think freely
  • We hold each other accountable for our actions
You will grow your skills in the fields of
  • Agile Methods and Mindset
  • Design Thinking and Creativity
  • Customer Empathy
  • Experimentation and Prototyping
What more is in it for you?
  • Q&A sessions and trainings from experienced agile experts provide you with first hand insights
  • Exclusive access to coaching and mentoring with Andreas
  • Free calls anytime you want
  • Unlimited direct messages
  • In-depth online courses and guides
  • Project Proven templates, checklists and worksheets for faster progress and better outcomes..
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Agile Action Heroes
Solving tough problems in life and work faster and better together through fast action with agile methods and tools. We Make to Learn & Learn to Make.
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