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Agents of Speech (AOS) is a movement to bring education free of charge to parents with speech-delayed children.

We have free resources: Home therapy checklist & 5 minute hand-pulling exercise, and more to come

Current courses we offer for free:

  1. Micro-course (FAQ for teaching speech-delayed children answered in an hour)
  2. Introduction Course for Parents (all bases covered online course)
  3. Zero to Words (teach your non-verbal child to talk)
  4. Word Combiners (teach your child to make sentences)
  5. Speech Disorder Crash Course (teach your child to speak clearly)
  6. Toilet Training Workshop (potty train your child)
  7. More free courses to come... (verbal reasoning, behavioural management)

Why is this free? Well because we hated that parents weren't able to afford our courses.

You will see that there are paid coaching programs from AOS.

Because of the sensitive nature of who we teach, we would need you to create an account to participate.

Join now and fill in the 3 questions (or else we won't accept you).

This is a group for parents of speech-delayed children to learn, grow, vent and collaborate. We provide online courses and Q&A sessions here.

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