Weekend Motivation (and actionable agency growth advice)
Hey my friend, Adam here. I posted this in the private Agency Accelerator program group but wanted to share it with you here as well in the hopes that it helps!
It's from an author I quite like (Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby) who has a lot of contrarian views on life, business, money, happiness, etc. Many of which I agree with.
Anyway I wanted to share the following with you, as a way of reframing things that happen (a very Stoicism based idea).
It's a helpful exercise, and while the way the following questions are presented are relatively new, this is an exercise I've used for years (i.e. trying to look at things from a different angle, with a different perspective, telling a different story, etc) to morph what's happening to my benefit.
Take what serves you, discard the rest.
But if you're feeling like you're stuck and not getting where you want as fast as you want then pay special attention to the questions below under the heading "When stuck"
When something goes wrong
  • What’s great about this?
  • How can I use this to my advantage?
  • Does this change the goal, or the path, or nothing?
  • How can I reduce the downsides?
When changing direction
  • When I was at my happiest, what was I doing?
  • What have I strongly wanted for the longest time?
  • What’s the opposite of what I usually do?
  • Which of my old beliefs are not serving me?
  • Forget me. What would be most helpful for others?
When stuck
  • What is my one top priority now?
  • How can I begin without waiting for anything?
  • What advice would I love to hear from an all-knowing sage?
  • What am I doing that’s actually a distraction?
  • Instead of avoiding mistakes, how can I make more to learn faster?
  • Who can help?
To make peace with what’s out of your control
  • What happens if I ignore it and do nothing?
  • Should I learn a lesson from this, or just move on?
  • How can I blame no one, and see this as nobody’s fault?
  • How can I be OK no matter what happens?
***The above is shared from: https://sive.rs/u
Adam Erhart
Weekend Motivation (and actionable agency growth advice)
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